Going Solo in Medicine: Interview with Dr. Klausner

Dr. Klausner, a plastic surgeon

Walk us through your career path. From undergrad to where you are now, how did you navigate your journey? During your undergrad what extracurriculars do you believe helped you stand out on your medical school application (e.g. clubs, internships, research, scholars program, etc.)?

How did you decide to go into plastic surgery and otolaryngology (i.e. a specialty focused on medicine and surgery of the head, neck, ears, nose, and throat)?

Why open your own medical practice? How should students navigate the challenges that come with starting a clinic? How do you recommend handling the business side of running a medical practice?

What are mistakes to avoid?

Are the profit margins higher when owning an independent practice compared to being employed?

There are a lot of celebrities who had plastic surgery and the outcomes make their face seem less natural. What were these results? Was it a miscommunication between a doctor and the patient? Was it an actual surgery? Or was it the actual desire of the patient?



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